Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sancho Delubyo


Name: Sancho Delubyo
Nickname: Boy Tulog
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Birthday: November 01

Personal Information:

I has a quite long curly hair with curls at the end. I am breathe and blink alternately. Favorite foods is rice and ulam viand with free iced tea.

Son of mother and father. Sibling to brother and sister. Uncle to the niece and nephews. Introvert neighbor. Big smile. Is love Sarsi with Vanilla in the glass.

Single with no double in life. Is love online life and friends with anyone who is friend him.

Loving to look at girls with cute facial pictures. Is very very good in not doing anything or passing of the time.

Is liking to drink with social and make happy times with anyone.

Is also very like to write and less of time to read and make read some books.

Is liking WWE and UFC but not watching regular times because Jack TV is no more inside our televisor.

Is funny, some persons say and is laughable with friends on true-to-life.

Is also like love stories and likes to cry when events are cryable. Watching love stories is like for him even it is not for him because he is looking like a killer.

Likes some sport but not all, and also drinking coffee and eating munchkins at the morning.

I is planning to study lessons of different kinds but I am always late with my brains.

That is what is all, thank you very so many.

-Profile inspired by Bb. Pilipinas - World and Chonamae
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Monday, March 3, 2008


You and I always talk. I know what you feel and how you've tackled life all through these years.

I know because I am your bestfriend. I am the only guy that can stand you when everyone else is fed up with the shit that you give them. You are not a good person, but because they are too blind to see that.

I know even a day before you die, you'd change your ways and so I can tell the whole world about you, and how you changed for the best.

I know how you always argue with Tito and Tita about your studies, your nightlife and your friends from the other side of the society. You know, the ones who are always up to no good? Yeah, that's what you consider your friends now.

I know how they always threaten you about taking away your car and your allowance, your phone, your condo unit, and all those rich-ass property you have. I know that, because I was always there. I was the one driving your car whenever you're too wasted going home from those parties and cleaning your condo unit and searching for your phone whenever you are a "bit" drunk.

I was always the one facing both your parents whenever you arrive late and smothered in alcohol.

Well, I did my best telling Tita that it's not a very good idea talking to you in that state of yours. I know how you behave, better than anyone else in your family. And I know you'd just fuck your answers up and they'd just be more furious.

I don't know if I'm going to be flattered every time they'd tell me how they wished that I was their child and that they'd pick me over you. And everytime they tell that, I'd give my best to explain to them that you're just you, and nothing can change that, and that the best to thing to do is to love you and give their most golden understanding that they have in their body just for you.

I don't want them to ever tell it in front of you that your a problem child and that you're a disgrace. Believe me, you will see me in my worst form if ever they treat you with little affection at all.

I was there when you first got your heart broken. Heck, I was always there whenever you get hurt. It's funny eh? I must be the cause of all your badluck. But you must give me credit though, I am the only guy that would stay with you when you'd eat everyone else around you.

Remember when Christa took your favorite pen? Yeah, it was in gradeschool and the both of you squared it off like you're two boys on a sugar rush. I was shouting for you to stop it, like I was the girlfriend asking to stop the fight between his boy and the other boy.

You got the pen, and the sanction from the Disciplinary Office. I was of course the lawyer and was giving my best set of googly eyes to please Mr. Ballestre to lift that punishment of yours.

All throughout these years I was the janitor who cleaned up your mess after mess after mess. And I don't mean your condo unit.

And I am fucking happy that I am the bestest bud you have around. I won't get tired. I won't grow impatient. I am your sidekick. For better or for worse. Usually for worse.

Our prom wasn't that good yesterday eh? I saw you from the buffet table that you were arguing with Fernan. I wonder if you saw him cheating on you again. And again. And again.

I know you're tired of hearing this but..."I told you so."

I was waiting for that smiling moment. That you'd smack Fernan's teeth straight right inside his brain. But I was surprised you just walked away. Like a zombie. No emotions and with a blank face. He didn't even go after you, that fucking Fernan. You didn't explode at that moment. I was kind of proud and disappointed. Proud because I know you've given up and just let it go at that very moment. And disappointed because Fernan didn't die from your furious punches and your hands are blood-free.

I followed you to your car.

Don't be that frustrated. Hey, you're too pretty to let that moment ruin you. You've gotten your expensive make-up ruined again. It's all smudged up. It's a shame though, you're too pretty for this event, and yet you are crying your soul out inside this car. Away from all the people who know how strong you are. Away from all your fake friends. Away from all who knew how aggressive and arrogant you can be. They'd be surprised if they see you crying. The ever bitchy and cat-fighter girl that you are.

The Queen of the Night award was a shame eh? I know you could've won it, but you weren't there when they called you for the presentation of candidates. You were too busy crying. They wouldn't like a melted pretty face up on that stage.

Fernan won the Prom King award
, and that new girl of his too. More like Prawn King and Prawn Queen award. What's her name? Rina? Sheesh, fuck that slut, haha. That self-centered mirror-addict fucking fucky fuck Rina. She and her slutty friends can just go and self-populate themselves. Sheesh.

Fernan doesn't deserve you. For all I know, no one deserves you. All these time it's all heartaches. I'm more tired than you are. I'm amazed on how you can just get off through that with a few buckets of tears and beer.

You don't have the trophy and the title as Prom Queen.

All you have is this car, and my shoulder. Go ahead, cry all you want. I've got this super-absorbent polo bought out just for your tears.

No one deserves you. No one but me.

You looked incredibly beautiful tonight, even if you've got your mashed up face and grimey lipstick.

I wonder if I could take care of you forever?

Would you give me the chance? I can put up with your tantrums, and every little shit that you can throw me.

I want to wipe that smudged make-up of yours, and never-ever make you feel worthless at all, never-ever again.
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