Friday, October 17, 2008


Openly Restricted
by SD

There we were, gazing on the blue sky
With endless nothingness on our minds
And overflowing longing desire for another's grasps
I run my fingers through your hair
As you drew yours upon the clouds
Building our dreams beyond the distances
But they come only as shallow
As what we cannot truly have
For long between us
I sit and stare as you walk away
I guide your path with my sight
Making sure that you're okay
Warm and cuddled by his side
And your pains burst as you
Find out about my plans this evening
With another pair of soft hands
Willing to be touched by mine
I continue to cherish you
At times you do not care about
Anything else in the world
On moments that your laughter
Is caused by another man's
Selfless devotion to you
And your endless happiness
Is brought upon by his love for you
And secretly you care for me
When I am at the embrace of someone else
When the simple curves of my lips
Are because of the sparkle
In another woman's eyes
This is how and what we are
Living and loving far
From one's caress
Feeding crazy thoughts
Into our minds
Feeling outrageous things
And sharing moments
To which did not even belong to us
But to each of the people
That truly care about us
Holding on to beliefs
Aging through the minutes
Lagging behind our thoughts
Are these feelings
Volatile and dangerous yet hoping for
Every day will pass quietly
Repeating every promise
Again and again within ourselves
Legga Più...

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I was at my usual morning slumber, just adjusting my neck straining position from where I was lying down when I heard the usual near-crying tone of my elder sister.

Now, not that I'm a some gossip boy wannabe looking for blog material in lives of other people, it's just that that phone conversation ruined my sleep and that all that I've heard just kept getting juicier and juicier and it's like I'm listening to a radio drama.

My sister's got this long time relationship with this guy, way back from like 2nd year college or so. And she's like, what? 30-something years old?

It never got to a point where they planned for marriage or something like seriously settling with one another since her boyfriend migrated to the US and was looking for a better way to make their future pleasant.

My sister is an honest woman. I think it runs in the family. She's not some kind of lady who's up to no good and settles all her expenses on her boyfriends fund. She is a good lady and probably the one being trusted most by her boyfriend's mom a lot more than anyone else in the family.

In short, she's the perfect woman for her boyfriend. The problem is that the boyfriend may not be that much of a match for her.

Having a long term, long distance relationship could sometimes be a burden rather than be something that you can cherish.

I overheard her asking for her boyfriend's decision about them. On whether the relationship is to be given up or what. It's a sad thing that she doesn't deserve this kind of torment, as far as I'm concerned.

It's a very serious tone, just like when she's got her period or when I am overusing her laptop. But this is dead serious, like the-whole-world's-salvation-depends-on-it serious.

Anyway, most of the conversation were all based on a single "what do you want me to do, what do you want me to feel" kind of topic.

And after that, her 300-peso load just floated away without completely resolving anything at all.

And here I am, still awake because of that phone call.
Legga Più...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hang Over

by SD

You are a complex machine
Like a puzzle made of infinite pieces
Never understood
Never calculated

And yet I have managed to see your beauty
Beneath all those chains of
Locked emotions and coded feelings
Behind all the intricate love you possess

Where you are right now
Is a place caught between today
And yesterday's memories
And a dream made of electrical signals

I struggled to place my head
Towards a goal of putting you
In a soft happy spot
In between the spaces of my heart

And yet all those spaces
Have fallen apart
Wrecked and mangled
Without you in it

Everyday will now grow
Just like a sick and dying puppy
With gloomy eyes that won't eat
And a day locked in isolation

For you have always been
A force not to be reckoned with
And I am just too foolish
To tinker you with my emotions
Legga Più...


Those Days
by SD

I miss the days where my youthful feet
Would take me anywhere that I wanted
That even the blazing sun could not stop me
From reaching the vast beyond of the next street

I miss the days where I could go anywhere
With a single crayon on my left hand
And a pad of paper on my right
With those two I can conquer the world

I miss the days that I could go out freely
Without clothes to cover my body
And without the protection of my mother's care
I can buy candies wearing only underwears

I miss the days where you would just wait
Waiting for the day to end
Not a care in the world
Not a problem to burden

If only those days can be caught
Like a firefly or a beetle
That can be stored in a jar
Then that would be the most fantastic of all things

If every clock would be made
Without any batteries to run them
I would stare at everything
And they'd still be what they were before

If only time would not have hands
Or feet to run with
Then those days will surely be
The most wonderful days of all
Legga Più...